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Best College in Chennai for PGDM in Marketing Management

The Oxford dictionary defines marketing as "the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising." Marketing deals with relationships and interrelationships and is about identifying, fulfilling what customers want. Marketing is not limited to just businesses, also ‘not for profit’ organisations, religious organisations and even governments use marketing and marketing strategies to achieve their ends. Marketing includes everything from branding to product design, market research to market analytics, advertising to distribution and strategy to sales.

The ‘Rajalakshmi School of Business’ (RSB) is one of the best colleges in Chennai for PGDM in Marketing Management. The PGDM in ‘Marketing management’ in RSB focusses on developing your knowledge in marketing and provides a solid grounding in marketing management which will allow the future managers to pursue any area of the marketing. The PGDM in ‘Marketing management’ in RSB not only equips students to understand the various interrelationships in the multifaceted tasks in marketing but also develops analytical skills for success in future careers. The course also includes an internship with a company to enable students apply their knowledge and gain practical experience. This will provide our students both knowledge and experience to embark on managerial roles in marketing and make an impact in any organisation.

The PGDM in ‘Marketing management’ in RSB is structured to start with the ‘core’ business course work and supplement that understanding with marketing specific electives. While the ‘core’ course work focus on finance, accounting, human resources, organisational behaviour etc., the marketing specific electives include not only the ‘bread and butter’ courses like brand management, consumer behaviour, sales & distribution management and advertising but also courses like digital marketing, social media marketing and marketing analytics.

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