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News Club

Edits our RSB flagship management magazine ‘AARUSH’. News club conducts business quiz, debates, problem solving and other activities.

Trimester 1 :
Edited RSB flagship management magazine ‘AARUSH’ for the month of August, September and October 2017.
‘Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom – Aristole’, with this motto the ‘Business Quiz’ was conducted on 31st August 2017 in the presence of esteemed RSB director Dr.Subhendu Dey and other faculty. Five team were selected for the finals and the quiz masters were A. Brijesh(PGDM 17) and Satvik(PGDM 16). They quizzed the students about company logos, identifying the CEO and the company names etc. The winners were – Harshith/Senthil, and Babu/ Saraswathi (PGDM 17). The runners up were Vijayshree and Kanisha(PGDM 16).
The second ‘Business Quiz’ was conducted on 19/09/2017. The students were selected by a preliminary round held on Sep 18, 2017 and the selected students participated in the final round of Business quiz event. The winners were Harshit and Pavithra from PGDM 17.

Trimester 2:
The News club conducted a debate on 26/10/2017 on the topic ‘Trial by Media-good or bad’. Though 15 students participated in the preliminary round, eight students were selected for the final round. The debate was lively with points and counterpoints. At the end, the judges for the event Dr.Badri and Dr.Srikanth pointed out the areas of improvement to all the contestants and emphasized the need for more depth with more facts. The judges declared Jayanth and Babu as the winners and Harshith and Santhanalakshmi (PGDM 17) as runners up.

Trimester 3:
The News Cub has organised the event ‘STOCK GYAN’ from the 7th March 2018 to 21st March 2018. News club is organizing a ‘Stock Gyan’ competition for managers . A shareholder investing his money in a company needs to be well informed, more so, for budding finance professionals. This competition was meant to give an opportunity to budding finance professionals and stock market enthusiasts to forecast the short term movements of a portfolio stocks. The students are expected to use technical analysis to forecast the future price movements based on past prices and volume. Five teams participate in the event and each team was given a virtual money of Rs 10,00,000 at the start. The team selected their desired companies (5 companies) and the proportion of investment in each company from the listed 50 companies of India from NSE Nifty index. The team consisting of Bhargavi, B, 1st year PGDM and SaiCharan, 2nd year PGDM had the most valuable portfolio and were declared the winners.

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