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Movie club

Providing managerial and leadership skill lessons; Bringing people to share their experiences; Attempts to inculcate leadership qualities through movies.

Trimester 1:
On Sep 25, 2017, the Movie Club screened the movie "Inside Job".

Trimester 2:
The Movie club of RSB screened a movie “The Pursuit of Happiness”, in the Ratan Tata Gallery, on 22nd February 2018. The protagonist Chris Gardener, as depicted by actor Will Smith demonstrates the vision, courage, and persistence required of a strategic leader. Chris Gardner has big dreams for him and his family but it doesn’t seem to come together for him. Chris business was selling medical equipment but the business soon failed when the medical industry, at that time, found the equipment to be an unnecessary expense. Chris has an opportunity to be a stockbroker but first, he has to go through a gruelling ‘no pay’ internship. Chris decides to do it but when his wife leaves and he is evicted, he has to take care of his son on his own. So, they find themselves struggling to get by. But, Chris is determined to overcome all the obstacles and make it.

The leadership takeaways from the film are

  1. A strategic leader should have vision and sense of purpose to tide over difficult circumstances.

  2. All the decisions should be aligned with the strategic vision

  3. A leader should be disciplined and committed to be successful. A leader must be focused on achieving and getting the job done no matter what. Persistence is the key.

  4. A leader should be problem solver. He should assess a situation, think strategically, and find a solution.

  5. The most critical element of strategic leadership is to forge relationships along the way.

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