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HR Club – Anthro Dynamik

The RSB HR Club plans various activities where the students can hone their team building and leadership skills and increase their knowledge base.

Trimester 1:
HR club event - CULTURA was conducted on Sep 12. 2017 under the theme: How to make RSB a livelier place? By developing ideas to make RSB a livelier place, their primary objective is to acclimatize the students with RSB and help to understand various cultures in different organizations. Six teams participated in the event.

Trimester 2:
The Group Discussion event was conducted by the Anthro Dynamik on 14/12/2017. Group 1 were given the topic 'Free flow of information in an organization - good or bad?' Brijesh kamath and Aruna Devi were the best performers in the group. Group 2 were given the topic 'Should actors enter TN politics?' Ravi Kumar and sireesha were the best performers in this group. Group 3 were given the topic 'Is social media good or bad?' Vichitra and Arun were performed the best. The topic for the final round was 'Is AI good for business?' The winners of the final round were 1. Ravi Kumar 2. Aruna Devi 3. Brijesh Kamath

Trimester 3:
Anthro Dynamik (HR Club of RSB) organized a role play contest on 9th February 2018. The shortlisted students were divided into four groups and given a case each to solve and present it in the form of a role play. The first case was an adaptation of Suits season 1 Episode 1 & 2 and the second case was an adaptation of the movie ‘Money ball’. The Judges for the event were our director Subendu Dey and faculty Dr Badri Toppur and Dr Srikanth Parthasarathy. Mr. Babu Raghavendran gave the welcome speech and the Groups 1 and 2 were given the first case. Groups 3 and 4 were given the second case. Group 4 consisting of A. Brijesh Kamat, R .Baalmurali. S. Sireesha. R. Manikandan, Y. Arun Kumar, N.H. Anathakrishnan, P. Vichitra, and S. Senthil (All 1st year PGDM) emerged as winners. The performance of Group 1 was also appreciated and were the declared the runner-up.

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