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Ice Breaking, 2019-21 batch

11-07-2019 04:49:44 pm

RSB's 5th batch students started their ice-breaking session with lots of fun and frolic by introducing themselves with a funny action which everyone will remember

"Stretch Yourself" was a small team activity where the students had to touch the floor as far down as possible. Given a second chance, all of them were able to perform well. Grabbing the opportunity as a team was the theme of this activity

"Knot the Kerchief" was a fun activity in which everyone was trying to find a solution but ultimately none of them could find the solution. This activity taught then that how much ever tough a problem is, it would have an easy solution if approached in the right direction.

"Knock the Knot" was the next activity in which all of the students’ hands were tied with a 2-meter rope and they were asked to remove the knot which was in the middle. After 3 clues students were able to find out the solution. How easily one can find a solution to a problem was the theme here.

"Helium Pipe" was the highlight amongst all the other activities. They had to bring down a pipe to the ground level as a team. Co-operation and eye contact was the main theme of this activity.

The activities finished off with lots of memories and overall the day was fun-filled. In the end, students said that they will be enjoying the classes if these sessions are conducted at least once a month.

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