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Guest Lecture by Mr. GD Sharma, Board Member, RSB and Independent Director, Tamil Nadu Petro Products

04-04-2022 01:07:10 am

Mr. GD Sharma, Independent Director at Tamil Nadu Petro Products and an active Board Member at RSB started his session by speaking to students on the need to invest their time wisely for the next 21 months for a successful and long term rewarding career. He emphasised on the importance of Management with the help of realtime stories, by ways of developing character and imbibing strong management qualities

. The session had a great impact on our students who immediately after the sessions felt Mr.Sharma was a true source of inspiration. One student shared his feedback saying "your words of wisdom have not only reached my head but will be imbibed in my heart"

. We students at RSB would like to thank you very much and have you visit us often to guide, coach and mentor us succeed in our careers Sir.

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