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Alumni Meet

04-04-2022 01:06:28 am

It was time for nostalgia, it was time for feeling young again

On July 3rd’19, an Alumni Meet was organized at RSB to inspire budding Managers and Entrepreneurs of RSB. An occasion where students gather, go down memory lane and look forward to new interactions with new hopes. The alumni were super excited to be back on the campus to interact with their juniors

Associate Professor Dr. Merlin Mythili - extended a warm, cordial and affectionate welcome to the alumni. The session was also attended by Associate Professor Dr. Badri Toppur and Mr. Venkatesan, Head - Placements and Corporate Relations of RSB

The Eminent Alumni from the 2015 and 2016 batch were present for the meet who were enthusiastic and gave an overview of their work to the current students and faculty members. They also interacted and offered help to the current students in whichever way possible in order to make them affluent with industry/corporate culture

Key Points addressed by the Alumni

Ms. Vijayshree - Sales Executive at Holiday Inn Chennai, OMR -> RSB’s Ambience, Faculties, Infrastructure in helping the students to bring the best out of them, - who are also the strength and each student will be given special attention to decide about their interests and career -> Customer’s Behaviour, Needs and expectations

Mr. Ajith - Area Sales Executive at Britannia Industries Limited -> Sales pull and Push concepts, Skills that a Manager Needs, People Management, Customer Needs and Customer satisfaction, Importance and usage of Excel in the Industry and Concept of "Win Win Situation" in all aspects of life

Mr. Madhavan - Sales Trainee at ITC -> Importance of Self Branding, need for SIP and Reading newspaper

We are proud of the achievements and contributions of our alumni. It was a delight and honor for RSB to recognize their great work and accomplishments of our alumni. All three Alumni were felicitated by Dr. Merlin, Dr. Badri and Mr. Venkatesan

Overall the meet was successful and fruitful results of the same will be seen in the near future

Description Courtesy - A collaborative effort by 1st Year PGDM Students (Batch 19-21)

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