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Marketing And Entrepreneurship Development Club

The Marketing and Entrepreneur Development Club (MEDC) at RSB is a platform for students to build on their academic knowledge with real-world applications. The MEDC consists of bright students who want to share the latest developments in Marketing and Entrepreneurship with the rest of the student fraternity. This is done through events based on particular themes that spark the students into developing an entrepreneurial spirit, and innovations in marketing, in a collaborative environment. In addition, the MEDC organizes workshops, field trips, as well as social and networking events to prepare students for the corporate world. The MEDC also organizes the Business Case competition held during the Zero Term.

Events include:

  • AdZap
  • Marketing Trek and Scavenger Hunt
  • Digital Transformation Workshops
  • Guest lectures by student-entrepreneurs and others
  • Personal branding workshops
  • Digital marketing workshops

AdZap Event held on November 1, 2018

The Marketing and Entrepreneurship Development Club (MEDC) at RSB held the AdZap Contest on Thursday, the 1st of November 2018. The goal of this event was to encourage marketing majors at RSB to develop their creativity skills in advertising products by asking them to create a poster for products that could be termed as “weird.”

Six teams of four marketing majors each participated in this event, and made a presentation of their posters to a faculty team of judges, including the Director, Professor Gautam Ghosh, and the faculty and students. Posters were judged on their content, design and effectiveness, as well as the presentation skills of the teams.

The team comprising of Mr Baalamurali , Ms Kumudavalii, Ms Bhargavi (all 2nd Year), and Ms Saranya (1st Year) were awarded the Winners’ Prize, while the team comprising of Ms Pavithra, Mr Anantha Krishnan (both 2nd years), along with Mr Guhan and Mr Viswantaha (1st Years) were judged to be Runners’ Up in the contest. While distributing the prizes and certificates to the two teams, Prof. Ghosh commended all the participants for the high degree of creativity shown, as well as the sense of humor displayed in making the posters. The audience of the students and faculty assembled also enjoyed the event, wildly cheering all the poster presentations.

The Marketing and Entrepreneurial Development Club (MEDC) at RSB conducted their “Best Analytics” event on Wednesday, the 13 th of February, 2019. This event consisted of 5 teams of students pitted against each other in providing an analysis of business cases to be made before a panel of faculty judges. Cases included the Tylenol poisoning case, Starbucks’s growth and the destruction of brand value, the Amber Peetz Employee Drug Use in the Workplace, Background screening of employees, and the Maclaren stroller case. The teams used a variety of methods to showcase their analyses, including role- playing. The Director, Prof. Gautam Ghosh distributed the prizes to the Best and First Runner-Up teams at the conclusion of the event.

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