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Dr. Merlin Mythili


Dr. Merlin Mythili has a Ph.D in Management from Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal and has done her MBA from Madras University along with Postgraduate degrees in English (Madras University) and Human Rights (Pondicherry University).

Dr. Merlin Mythili has a decade of academic and research experience having last worked as Assistant Professor and Associate Dean (Academics) in a leading Business School in New Delhi. She has been on a faculty exchange programme at the School of Management, University of Bradford, UK and has taught in their offshore Undergraduate Degree Programmes in India.

Dr. Merlin’s teaching and research interests include Organisational Culture, Communication at workplace and Gender issues in Management. She has presented and published research papers at the national and international levels.

Research Papers Published in Journals

  1. Shanmugam, M. M. (2017). Impact of parenthood on women’s careers in the IT sector – a study in the Indian context. Gender in Management: An International Journal, Vol. 32(5), pp.352-368. https://doi.org/10.1108/GM-11-2016-0177 (Scopus Indexed).
  2. Shanmugam, M. M., Sudhakar, B., Dey, S. & Toppur, B. (2017). Women from the Lowest Economic Strata in Unconventional Jobs: An Indian Perspective. Research Bulletin, ICAI. Vol. 42 (4), pp. 175-186. ISSN 22309241
  3. Shanmugam, M. M. (2013). Relationship of Gender Patterns in Communication and Organisational Culture at Workplace: The Role of Gender and Organisational Type. Advances in Management (International Journal), Vol 6(7), pp – 13 -21.
  4. Shanmugam, M. M. (2013). Feminine Patterns of Communication at Workplace; Advantage Women Leaders? A Review. International Journal of Business and Management Tomorrow, Vol 3(5).
  5. Shanmugam, M. M. (2013). The Role of Organisational Culture in Women’s Career Advancement: A Review. The International Journal’s Research Journal of Commerce & Behavioural Science, Vol 2(7).
  6. Shanmugam, M. M.. Shanmugam, M. M. (2013). Role of Women in the Preservation and Advancement of Religion: A Historical Perspective. The Spiritual Leader, Vol 2(2).

Research Papers Published as Book Chapters

  1. Shanmugam, M. M. & Popli, S. (2018). Quality Improvement in Real Sense or Just a Quick Fix? In Archana Krishan (Eds.), Cases on Quality Initiatives for Organizational Longevity (pp- 252-272). IGI Global Publisher: Pennsylvania (USA). doi: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5288-8.ch010.
  2. Shanmugam, M. M. (2007). Cultural Diversity at Workplace: An HR Concern. In Saiyyaddin.M & Desai.T.P (Eds.), Emerging Issues in HRM: An Indian Perspective (pp 49-66). New Delhi. Excel Books.

Paper Presentations in International Conferences

  1. Shanmugam, M. M. (2016). Impact of Parenthood on Women’s Career in the IT Sector- A Cass Study in the Indian Context. Paper presented at the 9th Biennial International Interdisciplinary Conference. Keele University. UK. 29th June-1st July. 2016.
  2. Shanmugam, M. M. (2009). Symbolic Icons of Empowerment: A Case Study on the Organizational Challenges that Ordinary Indian Women face in Unconventional Jobs. In The Bridge. Paper presented at the 27th Standing Conference on Organisational Symbolism. Copenhagen Business School & Malmo University. Copenhagen. Denmark & Malmo University. Malmo. Sweden. July 2009.
  3. =Shanmugam, M. M. (2006). Managing Cultural Diversity at Workplace - An Indian Perspective. Paper presented at the Fourth AIMS International Conference on Management of AIMS International and IIM Indore. Indore. December. 2006.
  4. Shanmugam, M. M. & Devi. I.R (2004). Managing Cultural Diversity at Workplace - The Primary Challenge of Global Leadership. Paper presented at the international conference on Competing in a Global Economy at TIME Business School. Tirupathi. December 2004.

Paper Presentations in National Conferences

  1. Shanmugam, M. M. (2009). Role of Women in the Preservation and Advancement of Religion: A Historical Perspective. Paper presented at a National Seminar on Women and Religion conducted by The Centre for Women's Studies. Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri Rashtriya Sanskrit Vidyapeet. New Delhi. February. 2009.
  2. Shanmugam, M. M. (2004). Changing Roles Of Indian Women In Media And The Felling Of Another Male Bastion. Paper presented at a national conference Women in 2020 at Theivanai Ammal College for Women. Villupuram. March 2004.

Articles in Magazines

  1. Shanmugam, M. M. (2018 May) Gendered Products and Social Conditioning – The Collective Reinforcement of Harmful Depictions and Perceptions – Aarush RSB May 2018.
  2. Shanmugam, M. M. (2017 Sep) Disruptive Change. Dynamic Workplace and the Discerning Employee - The HR Challenge of Tackling and Beyond- NATCON 17- NIPM Sep 2017.
  3. Shanmugam, M. M. (2008. Jan). What drives India? The EDGE. 35-36.
  4. Shanmugam, M. M. (2006. July). Aim towards self-knowledge. The EDGE . 18-19.
  5. Shanmugam, M. M. (2006. April). Periyar PURA: A case for Engendering Governance. The EDGE. 24-25.
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