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Entrepreneurial Development club (EDC)

Activities focusing on an innovation and a business plan thereafter to facilitate the all-round development of the student in general and to increase awareness about marketing function in particular.

Activities :

Trimester 1 :
The “Entrepreneur Development Club” (EDC) organised the event “Learning from Failures, Entrepreneurs Way” on October 13, 2017. The objective of this event was to showcase how successful entrepreneurs learn from their failures. The teams discussed how the entrepreneurs overcame their personal disabilities, problems and failures to become successful businessmen later. The teams also discussed how the successful entrepreneurs persisted in spite of the failures in the beginning of their career. The teams also listed the lessons that an aspiring business student should learn in order to successful in life. The presentation ended with the discussion on the leadership qualities of the showcased successful entrepreneurs.

Six teams participated in the event and the Entrepreneurs discussed were 1. Colonel Sanders 2. Jack Ma 3. Walt Disney 4. Richard Branson 5. Elon Musk 6. Steve Jobs.

Trimester 2:
The “Entrepreneur Development Club” (EDC) organised the event the "Best Salesman of RSB" event on the 9th November,2017. This event was about giving the students an opportunity to sell a product, by which they will be able to understand the difficulties of selling and an opportunity for the students to step into the shoes of a salesman. The students had to sell their chosen products to the judges Dr.Badri and Dr. Srikanth Parthasarathy. The winner, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up of the event were Baalamurali, Bhargavi and Sowmya (all PGDM 2017) respectively.

Trimester 3:
“What If your life depends on your selling abilities? This question laid the foundation for the Entrepreneur Development Club (EDC) event called SHIPWRECK on 28th February 2018. The participant has to convince the captain of the sinking ship to give away the only life jacket available on a sinking ship. The participants had to don the role of a famous personality and plead his case for the only life jacket. We had 11 interesting and famous personalities fighting out for the one life jacket. The objective of this event was to test the selling skills of the students and see how they think on their feet and wriggle out of this ‘life threatening’ situation. The captains (or Judges) were our director Subendu Dey and faculty Dr Badri Toppur and Dr Srikanth Parthasarathy.. The students presented their case for as to why he/she should be given the only life jacket. The Judges (Captain) then retaliated with further questions. The participants will be evaluated on the basis of their presentation, convincing skills, arguments and counter arguments. The winner of the event was Kanishya from 2nd year PGDM. The runners up of the event were Madhavan(2nd year PGDM) and Abishegk(1st year PGDM).

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