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Dr. P. David Jawahar

      Businesses all around the world face challenges that they have never met before. Technology, the pandemic and its aftermath, precarious political situations, and sustainability - are all challenges which require answers that need to be novel, ethical and meaningful to all stakeholders. Educational institutions play an undeniably important role in grooming thought leaders who can take the bull by the horn. Leading this charge are most certainly the business schools which create managers who can manage today and create tomorrow, not just for the companies that they serve, but for the whole world.

Rajalakshmi School of Business is one such premier B-school that takes pride in its role in creating managers of substance. Founded on strong moral and ethical grounds, RSB offers PGDM courses that are truly world-class. With a strong faculty pool – both full time and industry practitioners, an up to date curriculum, and the blending of technology and tools into the syllabus, the learning experience is truly dynamic and relevant. Live projects, Summer Internships and outside the classroom learning experiences are strongly encouraged, giving our students a cutting edge advantage in their workplaces.

On behalf of the RSB family, I welcome you to a life-changing experience. I can assure you that when you step out of RSB you would be filled with confidence, knowledge and the skill sets that will make you a manager par excellence

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