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Chairperson’s Message

Rajalakshmi School of Business is the newest star in the ever evolving group of Rajalakshmi Institutions. As India is poised to become a major economy in the world, it needs able managers who have the acumen and maturity to conduct, sustain, and expand businesses.

The pedagogy of the PGDM programme at RSB is at par with the leading business schools of the country, and is aimed at producing a handful of highly capable management professionals to fill this need. Our long-standing association with several leading industrialists, who are also part of the Business Advisory Council and Advisory Board, helps us to maintain and improve our curriculum.

RSB is a manifestation of our earnest approach at nurturing and producing worthy managers for the industry and the economy, as it is on the threshold of becoming a major player in the international arena. Come and join us, and witness your transformative journey with RSB.

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