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Career Guidance & Corporate Relations

The Corporate Relations Team is guided by constant inputs from the Management, the Board of Directors, and the Advisory Council, all of whom are stalwarts in their respective industries. The team plays a vital role in connecting the Campus to the Industry and in apprising the students of the current trends by means of guest lectures and seminars. The team also brings to the notice of the Management and students the ever-evolving requirements from the various sectors, and subsequently trains and prepares the students for their successful entry into the job market As part of career guidance, ample mock sessions on aptitude tests, group discussions and interviews are conducted for the students to raise their preparation and confidence levels before they can face the companies during the placement week. Companies from a variety of sectors including Services, Auto, Manufacturing, Chemicals, e-commerce, FMCG, and IT are invited to participate in the recruitment drive during the placement week, so as to offer the students an opportunity to follow their interests and dreams while choosing their careers.


Group Discussions & Personal Interviews
Mock GDs and PIs are held from the first year onwards students to fine tune the students’ preparation for final placements

Aptitude Test
Rigorous training on tackling MCQ type aptitude tests that are conducted by most employers as part of their selection process

Current Affairs & Issues
Understanding and appreciation of important current issues, straddling economics, finance, sports and culture. A must for cracking GDs and PIs.

CV Preparation
Fine tuning of each resume is done to highlight students’ achievements and readability of the CVs.

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