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Career Enhancement Training Programme (CETP)

RSB is committed to making sure that students graduating from the PGDM programme are not just equipped with technical skills in their desired functional area, but are also able to (a) crack their final placement selection process and (b) contribute to their organization from Day One. To this end, we offer a Career Enhancement Training Programme (CETP) as part of the PGDM curriculum that makes the student a more desirable applicant to the recruiting organization, and also provides life-long skills that help the students “future-proof” their careers.

RSB's CETP includes the following modules:

Industrial and Business Domains
♦ To inculcate knowledge of the industrial world where your career future will be

Professional Development Workshop
♦ In collaboration with the Internationally renowned Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Integral Management (SAFIM), Pondicherry, to improve your interactive skills, confidence levels, and ability to work productively in a group

Organizational Processes and Communication
♦ To hone your communication skills

Soft-skills Training
♦ To make you a more attractive candidate to recruiting companies, and impart hands-on training in handling group discussions and personal interviews

Aptitude Test Training
♦ To ensure that you are able to meet the entry-level testing by recruiting organizations

CV Building
♦ To make sure that your first impression on potential recruiters is the best one that you can make

Capstone Project course
♦ Get into the entrepreneurial spirit! Plan for a new venture, and add to it as you go along in the programme, culminating in a full-fledged business plan at the end

Current Issues in Business and Society
♦ To help develop your skills for articulating your point of view in a group discussion environment, and to become a more appealing recruitment candidate

Guest Lectures
♦ To provide you the views of corporate leaders and managers

Industrial Visits
♦ To give you an exposure to the real-life experiences of managers and entrepreneurs in their own environment

Global Immersion Programme (Overseas)
♦ To expose you to the multi-cultural world that we inhabit, and where the future of business and management lie.

Our CETP is extensive and amounts to approximately 250 hours of in-classroom and off-classroom contact hours each trimester in the first and second years of the PGDM programme. The outcome of the CETP is two-fold: (1) to make you better prepared to tackle the final placement process, and (2) to enable you to perform better after your initial recruitment, so that you are seen as a valuable, contributing member of their team.

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