Human Resources

Gamification as an Engagement Tool in HR

In the present organizational retention context, firms are exploring newer ways and strategic ways of engaging, developing and retaining talent. Gamification is one such move in human resource management that has been showing results in achieving strategic objectives. Gamification is […]

Human Resources

Gamification Challenges in Managing HR Processes


Gamification uses the basic elements of games like fun, play, transparency, design, competition and addiction and applies these to a range of real-world HR processes of an organization, starting from recruiting to learning and development that enhances employees’ active involvement […]


COVID-19 – The Challenges of HR

COVID-19 Challenges of HR

The present outbreak of Coronavirus as a Pandemic is affecting several countries across the globe. Coronavirus-Pandemic-Social distancing-Self-isolation-Infections, are the words very often heard, spoken and ringing in the ears of many across the globe, irrespective of the fact wherever they […]