COVID-19 Democracy Crisis

American Egg – Democracy in Crisis

American Democracy in Crisis

“To have egg on one’s face” is an American saying, that means that one has done something to make oneself look foolish. On the other hand, the British call a good person or someone to be trusted, “a good egg”. […]

Media OTT Platforms

Crowding OTT Platforms: A Temporary Swing or a New Normal?

OTT Platforms

OTT platforms are determined to meet the growing entertainment appetite of viewers. According to a recent survey by mobile marketing platform In Mobi, 46% of viewers are watching increased content online after the COVID19 outbreak. Another survey conducted by Hammerkof […]




Alongside the alarming trend in the infection rate, the daily newspapers, are full of images of migrant labourers returning to their home states. The sheer scale of this movement is staggering, and it has overwhelmed the infrastructure. They are travelling […]

COVID-19 Reading


Cold Vaccine

Trials for an effective cure and vaccine are on in a Seattle laboratory to determine what is the best dosage required to stop the deadly Coronavirus in its tracks. Let us all hope that it arrives just in time to […]

COVID-19 Economy

Impact of Coronavirus on the Indian Economy II


The outbreak of COVID 19 is expected to have a very significant impact on the world economy in general and the Indian economy in particular. The impact ranges from the recession, supply chain disruptions and is expected to affect trade […]


COVID-19 – The Challenges of HR

COVID-19 Challenges of HR

The present outbreak of Coronavirus as a Pandemic is affecting several countries across the globe. Coronavirus-Pandemic-Social distancing-Self-isolation-Infections, are the words very often heard, spoken and ringing in the ears of many across the globe, irrespective of the fact wherever they […]


Hysteresis of COVID-19

Hysteresis of COVID-19

Hysteresis is the dependence of the state of a system on its history: for example, the phenomenon of magnetism remains even after the electromagnet creating the magnetism is switched off. I would like to use this term in a much […]