Emerging Paradigms in Learning Post COVID-19

Emerging Paradigms

No state or national borders could stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Irrespective of nationality, education level, gender, or income, it has badly affected lives and ways of living. Post coronavirus outbreak, we have learnt to live in the ‘NEW NORMAL’ world. […]


COVID-19 DRUG DESIGN – Molecular Descriptors

COVID Drug Design

Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationship (QSAR) models attempt to relate the structure of the molecule with its chemical and biological activity. We have seen in the literature, that some physical property such as boiling point of a compound can be predicted very […]


COVID-19 DRUG DESIGN – Using Artificial Intelligence

COVID-19 Drug Design using AI

The Java computer language was developed at Oracle Corporation, in California, USA. The Java software package CDK stands for Chemoinformatics Developer Kit and can be used for analysing molecular information. A derived package rcdk by Rajarshi Guha and others makes […]

Education Tips

Preparing for Life in a B-school and Beyond

Preparing for a life in a B-School

This article is targeted at B-school aspirants, and to some extent, at existing B-school students. All of you are undoubtedly looking at joining a quality B-school with the ultimate objective of landing a dream job in a dream company. To […]


The New Education Policy (NEP) and Management / Business Education

New Education Policy

India’s New Education Policy was launched on July 29, 2020, and has a stated objective of making “India a global knowledge superpower.” It is quite a short document of about 66 pages and consists of four parts covering school education, […]



COVID19 Drug Design

There is another side to the government response to the SAR-CoV2 as the Covid19 virus is also known. These are from the molecular biologists and pharmacologists, who are finding an antivirus to it. An invitation in the mail to participate […]


Demonetization and the Indian Economy I


India was the sixth-largest economy in the world, according to the updated World Bank figures in 2017. It is also expected to be a global economic power in the near future and is one of the favourite destinations for foreign […]


State of Indian economy: Where do we go from here?

Indian Economy

It is no secret that the Indian economy is in big trouble. The GDP shrank by 24% in the April-June quarter, along with a step-up in the rate of CPI inflation (above 6%). The GDP growth over the entire fiscal […]



COVID-19 Testing in Various Countries

The word Timocracy appeared in a cryptic crossword last week. I google it to find out that the Greek philosopher Plato had described various forms of state and governance, including this one. If I have understood ancient Greek correctly, in […]