New Education System Substantiates Success


There was a time that led to the complaint that education given in our schools and colleges is isolated from life. The curriculum as was articulated and offered through the traditional methods of teaching was reported not give the students insight into the everyday world in which they were living and also not prepared them well for future job prospects.

Only through the spectacles of books, students used to see the panorama of the vast world, but through their own naked eyes, they hardly received any bird’s eye view of the things they would have to face in life. When they completed their studies, they felt ill-adjusted in society. In the past few years, the education system has undergone a wide range of change, starting from the delivery style, to pedagogy to technology immersion and what not. Students of the day are being prepared in a way that they can face the future job market with full motivation and preparation.

The present education system is extremely evolved due to being linked to technology. It has also become very beneficial due to the use of progressive methods of learning. Learning in schools to higher education has witnessed a turning point. The prodigious feedback from students and parents helps in shaping the methodologies adopted in institutions. The new schools today come up with state of the art infrastructure with ultra-modern spacious smart classrooms that helps in interactive learning, and provides a hi-tech environment. Schools are targeting the all-round development of individuals and create an encouraging environment.

Developing communication skills has become indispensable, focusing on creativity and developing values and the right attitude are the USPs. There are various courses available to a student now to perceive than before. And with the passage of time, many more courses would be added to the education system. Sports and co-curricular activities make another strong pillar of the education pattern. Students prove their excellence in tournaments and those activities help them hone their skills.

Abacus has become a compulsory part of school education. Due to technology, there is the availability of virtual presentations or demonstration which minimizes the need to depend on the physical laboratory. Though this is not possible in all the cases. Another development is the availability of books in both hard copy and soft copy formats making it easy for the students to purchase and read. Besides one can also buy used books at a lower cost. Various ed-tech starts up are also supporting this system very well. Education today also aims at an all-round development of the personality of the individuals. There has been a mushroom growth of academies and other private educational institutions, which brings a wide variety of options available to the parent to choose rightly for their child. But one of the challenges that are still observed in many schools is the overemphasis on examinations and marks.

There is a lack of balance between understanding and cramming up lessons and reproducing it at exams and class tests. Scoring good marks is still considered as equal to being intellectual. Many times, students just mug up to score well, and surprisingly schools encourage that. This does not imply that all schools do that, there are exceptions also. This is definitely a matter that should be of thrust, that students do really learn something and not cram up things to prove intellect and compete with classmates. With the radical changes that the education system has been witnessing, hope to see this change in the evaluation pattern too. That would make education more fruitful, holistic and child-centric in the true sense.

By Dr. Tanusree Chakraborty
Associate Professor, Rajalakshmi School of Business, Chennai
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  1. Yes, this the time to change and reconstruct our whole education system. Education must develop moral character but not a money generating machine.

    1. I wondered whether the movie…. 3 idiots was relevant or just a movie… now i m fully convinced but sorry to say that wb board is still on primitives

  2. Very well analysed! Such a consciousness is required in every individual to make today’s children, tomorrow’s successful and worthy citizens of the nation.

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