10 Tips To Become The Best Listener In Your Organization

In a survey of 210 CEOs, it was found that all of them thought listening had the greatest impact on their success and 86% of them rated themselves as being “much better/somewhat better listeners” than they were five years ago. […]


Do Aptitude Tests Make Sense Anymore?

Aptitude tests are typically used by organisations to understand the aptitude of a person. It tests for analytical, quantitative, reasoning and other skills to identify potential candidates for employment. Aptitude in its most common usage is a synonym for intelligence […]


5 Awesome Jobs You Can Expect From A Finance Degree

It’s no secret that the finance sector is expecting to increase 9% by 2022, but just what sorts of careers can you pursue in the field? This blog will introduce five of them and show you the requirements you need […]


New Age Marketing Jobs Require These Added Skills

Marketing has been evolving rapidly, as the new tech era changes and disrupts marketing as we know it. We take a look into this emerging trend in marketing and what your career might have to adapt in the next 5 […]


Ways On-Campus Life Will Change Your Management Skills

The academic lives of students in business organizations are usually free from the rigors of office-work. The demand for this is that they’re naturally well suited for managing organizational activities. However, you can balance your business management experience at school […]


5 Ways a HR Major Can Use Their Degree

If you are thinking about majoring in HR, start by reading this hub to find five cool and interesting job opportunities that a degree in human resources can make available for you. Reading about the diverse careers HR can lead […]


Emerging Paradigms in Learning Post COVID-19

Emerging Paradigms

No state or national borders could stop the COVID-19 pandemic. Irrespective of nationality, education level, gender, or income, it has badly affected lives and ways of living. Post coronavirus outbreak, we have learnt to live in the ‘NEW NORMAL’ world. […]