Director’s Desk

Prof.Gautam Ghosh
Director -RSB B.Tech (IITK), PGDM (IIMC)

Rajalakshmi School of Business RSB (RSB) is not just a fairly new B-school. It is also a different B-school. We at RSB are not driven by student numbers or revenue, though undoubtedly both are important. Rather, we are a boutique B-school that’s driven single mindedly with the objective of imparting maximum value to our students and maximising their long-term career potential.

To this end, we focus on five areas, which are the key drivers of quality in a B-school. They are academics; faculty; academics; placements and corporate relations; infrastructure; and campus life.

We have a high profile and deeply committed faculty team which, we sincere believe, is comparable, on a person-to-person basis, with any B-school in the country. They are highly qualified, with significant to extensive teaching and industry experience, and quality research oeuvre. As well as our faculty quality, we have an impressive faculty-student ratio, which is comfortably ahead of AICTE norms.

Our curriculum and pedagogy are benchmarked with the best B-schools in the country-the top three IIMs (IIMs A/B/C) and XLRI Jamshedpur. We follow, inter alia, the trimester calendar, as they do. To maximize value delivery to our students, we offer dual specialization, as the top B-schools do. Our curriculum, incidentally, is designed not only around the “hard” courses, but also includes a number of courses that will develop the soft skills of our students and thereby improve their employability. These are further facilitated by the fact that we are an autonomous B-school, and are empowered to revise the curriculum and pedagogy every year, if required.

We provide our students with a rich menu of companies across multiple verticals wherein to seek their summer and final placements. We target companies that will not only provide a challenging and congenial working environment, but also match our students’ capabilities and aspirations.

Our infrastructure, particularly those that pertain to academics, are easily among the best in class. Gallery type classrooms, a well-stocked library, Wi-Fi avaliability, hostel facility for outstation students-we have them all.

Finally, we ensure that our students have an unforgettable experience over two years’ stay in RSB. Each student is attached to a faculty mentor when he joins, with the mentor-mentee relationship continuing for the entire two years of the student’s stay in the campus. They are also encouraged to participate in our multifarious campus activities.

As I have said before, RSB is a B-school that’s there not to maximize numbers, but to maximise the value delivered to our students, in terms of their transformation and long-term employability potential. An RSB PGDM is forever-it doesn’t end with their graduating and getting placed in a coveted company. It’s for life. Our alumni will recall their life in RSB and all their learnings in the camus long after they have graduated and passed out of the portals of the School.